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Come on board The 25 Club.

As County President, I was privileged to meet and learn from all manner of Hertfordshire Clubs. Without doubt locally, I would suggest nationally, Bishops Stortford have achieved magnificently. I know the kickstart was provided by a group of supporters who clubbed together, raised some funds and ring fenced them for playing development, kit, clothing, travel the like. This supported their committee, who have to make sure the grounds and facilities are properly maintained, before kicking a ball.

Time for the small guys to get on the train. That’s you and me. I intend creating a group, 25 + for synergy, who contribute a monthly sum purely to support the senior squad, providing them with kit, travel, training equipment and the like. We want to climb to level 5, let’s start thinking level 5 and create that attitude throughout the club.

Very simply, a £25 donation by standing order so you retain control to The 25 Club, for the aims outlined above.


Socially, it has developed down the road, whereby they arrange functions, hire coaches to follow the team away and generally embrace The Rugby culture we know and love. These are funded by themselves out of the 25 fund.


Level 5 sound good? I think so. We are Letchworth, let’s wake the bear and play our part.


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